University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts

Masters of Fine Arts: Visual Design

Magna Cum Laude

May 2011


Laguna College of Art & Design 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

Cum Laude

May 2007


Twenty Examples of Personal & Professional Work:

Twenty Examples of Student Work:




Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design

Roger Williams University – Bristol, RI

Feinstein College of Arts & Sciences

September  2011 – May 2015

Special Topics in Graphic Design: Advanced Typography

This course expands the students skill and affinity of the typographic form. Emphasis is on the visual expression of meaning by examining denotation and connotation. Subsequently, the use of typographic forms is explored as image and combined with image.  Students explore more formal applications of the grid as well as further investigation of historic typographic form from hand-lettering to digital. Experimentation is encouraged. In this intensive study, students create multiple portfolio pieces by the end of the course.

History of Deign Communication

In this course students examine the development of graphic design communication and tis relationship to the larger social, economic, political and cultural contexts through the course of human development. Although emphasis is placed on the rapid development of the discipline for the industrial revolution through the end of the twentieth-century, a broader historical analysis is necessary to provide a strong foundational context in trends and trendsetters, innovations and innovators. Course requirements include an intensive series of reading and writing assignments.

Web Design Communication

A web site is constructed from concept to completion. Typography, photography and animation are manipulated to create interactive designs for display on the World Wide Web. Advanced assignments encourage continued intellectual and technical mastery. Emphasis is placed on image quality and usability. Progressive lectures on multi-media and web design are presented. Course focusses on authoring HTML 5 and CSS3.

Advanced Design Communication

This course builds upon fundamental skills acquired in previous design courses. Projects assigned have interrelated parts requiring the student to broaden the application of visual information across multiple pieces. Advanced computer skills are applied to visual presentations. Graphic design history is discussed with slide presentations and visual support material.

Intro To Design Communication

Introduces students to fundamental graphic design principles and applications. Students are exposed to both the intellectual and technical challenges of graphic communication through the creation of a series of visual presentations. Each project addresses different aspects of design development such as electronic imaging, composition, and typography. Graphic design history is discussed with slide presentations and visual support material.

Electronic Communication

Conducted in a lab setting, this class allows students to learn how to navigate variously software programs and to appreciate and understand key issues related to the electronically mediated office. Facilitation, demonstration, and one-to-one interaction are used to guide students through the various programs, however students are expected to bring a “problem-solving” attitude to the classroom. Goals for this course include; provide a broad understanding of how electronic communication has transformed and impacted contemporary organizational settings. To help students develop autodidactic strategies for learning the most common software programs that they will encounter as a communication professional. To develop creativity, problem solving and project management skills related to electronic communication. To enhance and refine writing skills relevant to an electronically mediated communication environment. To enable students to create professional-looking, user-centered print and web-based materials.

CIS 102 – Computer Applications in Business

Introduces students to the elements of business conducted via the Web, which is the paradigm of 21st century business transactions.  Focused on the development of a database in MS Access and the design and deployment of a web site, this course integrates the information management and communications aspects of the digital business environment.  Taught in an interactive hands-on computer classroom. The WEB represents a new business paradigm – the creation of virtual stores where you can shop, compare prices and make purchases from any internet connection – support for your social networks, your access to email, location-based searches etc.  These activities depend on three interdependent technologies; Databases, HTML code and some connecting technology such as PHP or ASP.  Our objective is to learn the individual technologies and then to integrate them in a way that creates database driven web sites.



Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design

Stonehill College – Easton, MA

September  2014 – May 2015

Graphic Design Foundations

This course is an introduction to the field of graphic design. Students learn the various processes involved in graphic design from initial ideas/concepts through working stages to finished presentation, applying the principles of design to projects pertaining to the design and production of primary print and also screen-based solutions. Students sharpen basic computer skills in preparing their projects using the Adobe software Illustrator and InDesign. Basic Adobe Photoshop is also introduced.


Students learn about the development and use of typefaces. Legibility, readability, history and perception will be examined. The impact of images accompanied by text will be explore. Students use computers and traditional methods to develop visual projects. Learning objectives include; encouraging critical thinking by evaluating and analyzing one’s visual environment; engaging visual environments through readings, writings & visual projects; experimenting using digital and hand-created methods to visually problem solve; practicing process (research, sketch, reflect, revise, critique) as part of visual problem solving; demonstrating rules of typography before breaking them; describing and discussing one’s work using a visual vocabulary in writing and speaking.



Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design

Mount Ida College -Newton, MA

September 2013 – May 2014

Web Development

A studio course where students learn to use some of the most popular web applications and explore the complete creation process for a modern, accessible, standards compliant website from planning to publishing. Students will continue to develop their skills in authoring HTML and CSS. Students will utilize tools Dreamweaver, Edge Code, Edge Reflow, Edge Animate and Illustrator, the leading programs in the  web design field which is becoming increasingly prevalent in studios worldwide. Javascript may be added to projects aid in site usability and visual presentation. Mastering these techniques and software will be done by class exercises and projects.

Vector Graphics (no longer live)

This is an advanced course in Adobe Illustrator and includes more difficult techniques such as illustrations comprised of shapes, blending modes, and gradient mesh. Projects will be constructed entirely in Illustrator or with imported images from Adobe Photoshop using filters, posterizing,  live trace,or hand tracing of images for conversion to vector-based art. The use of typography in Illustrator will be employed in producing quality projects for the portfolio. A final project will be built featuring gradient mesh for photo realistic effects.



Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design

Salve Regina University – Newport, RI

September 2012 – May 2014

Concentrated  Study: Branding

Each student develops an integrated brand experience for a new and unique company of their choice. All students will begin with the design of the company’s visual identity. Each student will have the opportunity to formulate a design strategy tailored to the needs of their particular company. Design applications may include, but are not limited to, brochures, catalogs, direct mail, publication ads, subway ads, bus shelters, packaging, store signage, gift cards, labels, bags, menus and website comps.

Concentrated  Study: Typography

This is an advanced studio class where the emphasis will be placed on a concentrated topic. Primarily these subjects are associated with specific design intent, such as poster design, packaging, typography, motion graphics and information display. Since there are numerous aspects to the graphic design profession, topics will vary each time the course is offered. Students may take this course more than once for different topics. Lab Fee. Prerequisites: ART241

and ART100.

Creativity And Technology

This course introduces students to visual technology used in art and design. Emphasis is placed on creative problem-solving through sketching and research. Final ideas are brought to fruition utilizing the computer as a creative tool. Course activities will clarify the proper use of painting, drawing and page layout software. All students create and display work in an online portfolio.

Dreamweaver: Workshop

A one credit, two day workshop course. Students are given a high-level overview of the web design process and Dreamweaver’s role in website creation. Students engage in the creation of self promotional webpage and publish the results online using Dreamweaver’s built in FTP functionality.

Silkscreen: Workshop

A one credit, two day workshop course where students engage in the silk screen print production process. Students utilize the photo process screen printing method to create prints on paper, tea-shirts, bags, etc.



Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design & Photography

Community College of Rhode Island – New Port, RI

September 2011 – May 2012

Intro To Graphic Design

This studio course introduces students to the visual thinking process involved in graphic communication. Students gain an understanding of design principals and  their application within a specific visual communication. Using combinations of two-dimensional elements, a simple message can be manipulated to have very different meanings. Understanding and using basic typographic elements and graphic images is a necessary part in the process of learning the discipline which allows a designer to communicate in a clear, intentional method for a specific audience.


Intro To Digital Photography

The course will cover the operation and manipulation of digital cameras in order to capture images. Students will learn how to enhance, correct and manipulate their images using the most current industry standard photo editing programs. Through demonstrations and assignments, a survey of work by contemporary artists, and a final portfolio, students will be introduced to the vocabulary, concepts, tools and aesthetic possibilities of digital photography.


Instructor of Record 

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts

September 2010 – May 2011

Visual Language FOU 115 

Studio course that explores two dimensional form at a fundamental level. Assignments develop skills in composition, color theory, figure and ground, proportion, contrast and scale. In addition, attention to craftsmanship in various media, such as drawing, painting, photography and collage, develop patience, concentration, and the necessary work ethic for all forms of visual communication. A fundamental goal for this course is to investigate the communicative

power of art.




Artists Talk

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts

Senior Photography Five: December 9th 2011

“Presented my portfolio to class, and discussed

photography from a fine art and commercial perspective”

Guest lecture

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts

Senior Photography Six: March 31st 2011

“Integrating Lightroom into effective

work-flows for digital photographers”


Bridgewater State University

2-D Design: November 30th 2012

“2-D design from a professional perspective”


SelectAll: Student Design Mini-Conference and Competition

Roger Williams University

“fueling creativity and sense of play for designers, with cut paper sketch books





edk studio, Mattapoisett, MA


edk studio is an independent design studio specializing

in web design, print design and digital photography services.



Elin Photography, Mattapoisett, MA


Assist in photographing weddings and events


Graphic Designer

Fuse Interactive, Laguna Beach, CA

October 2006 – June 2009

Project experience and clients include:

Kawasaki Motorcycles – website

Verizon Wireless – website

Startrac Exercise Equipment – website

Japan Airlines – graphic user interface design

Philippine Airlines – graphic user interface design


Graphic Designer – Web Designer – Photographer

Laguna Cyclery, Laguna Beach, CA

June 2008- June 2009

Created web site and blog that featured new

products, events and special offers.  Photographed

new merchandise featured on the blog.



AIGA – Boston Chapter

Mattapoisett Area Artists – Board Member



Merit scholarship

Laguna College of Art & Design: 2003

Honors College,  Cum lade

Laguna College of Art & Design: 2007

Honors College, Magna Cum lade

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth: 2011


Junior Portfolio Review, Graphic Design

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts: 2009

Graduate Assistantship

Downloaded and tested font files for

the development of

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts: 2010


Junior Portfolio Review, Graphic Design

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts: 2010

Visual Design Representative

Graduate Council

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts: 2010 – 2011




The Drawing Room

Featured Artist

Frangadis Associates

Marion, MA


Gallery 244

“The Crafted Page”

Group Show

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts

November 5-13th, 2009

The Ginger Grill

“Photographic Prints by Erik Kowalski”

Solo Show

779 Purchase St.

New Bedford, MA

November 12th – December 12th 2009

Ettinger Gallery


Alumni Group Show

Laguna College of Art & Design

January 20th – February 12th, 2011

University Art Gallery

“2011 Graduate MFA Thesis Exhibition”

Group Show

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

College of Visual and Preforming Arts

April 2nd – May 12th, 2011

Vacant Spaces Project

“East Meets West”

Group Show

106 William Street

New Bedford, MA

May 12th – May 20th, 2011

Art in the Windows

“Turning Vacant Spaces into Artful Places”

Group Show

Sponsored by Fuller Craft Museum

60 Main Street

Brockton, MA

May 20th – June 17th, 2011

88 Hatch Street Studios

“2011 Holiday Sale”

Group Show

New Bedford, MA

November 25-27th , 2011

Mattapoisett Historical Society

“Small town Big Art show”

Group show

Mattapoisett, MA

June 13-14th, 2014

Ropewalk Gallery

“Mattapoisett Area Artists”

Mattapoisett Area Artists Group show

Mattapoisett, MA

June 1-31th, 2014

Tinkamtown Gallery

“Mattapoisett Area Artists”

Mattapoisett Area Artists Group show

Mattapoisett, MA

August 20-31th, 2014

Gallery 65

“Decentralized Arrays and Natural Corruption”

Solo Exhibition

New Bedford, MA

June 1-27, 2015